Shidduch Date Coaching


Shidduch dating is an experience unlike any other.

Every part of the process includes big questions and intense emotions, with vast ramifications.

I’m Miriam Zeitlin and my job as a shidduch dating coach is to equip you with the skills you need to handle your shidduchim.

With numerous certifications and a wealth of frum coaching experience, you can have confidence that my shidduch dating coaching sessions will leave you well prepared, wherever you are in the pre-marriage process.

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Shidduch Dating Coach For Singles

I’m excited for you! It’s the start of a new chapter in your life. Something you’ve been building towards, imagining, and may have been dreaming about for years. But it can be filled with ‘what ifs’…

A shidduch coach can help you answer these questions and confidently prepare you for these scenarios.

Resume Writing With a Jewish Dating Coach

Writing a good quality shidduch resume is a skill. No one gets engaged because of a good resume alone, but plenty of people get rejected because of a bad one.

But how do you fit an entire, amazing person onto a piece of paper? And how do you write when you don’t know what the reader wants to know?

With years of experience as both a Jewish dating coach, and marriage coach, I know what to commit to paper.

Before The Date

Great, you have a ‘yes’, a green light to proceed and meet in person. But how do you feel now? What are you going to wear? Is this the night you meet your bashert? How will you handle your nerves? What am I supposed to do…?

The time waiting to go on any date can feel really long and your thoughts can run away with you. As a shidduch coach, I’ll help you:

After the Date

It went well-ish, but now what?

We’ll debrief together, address your pain points, anxieties, and questions, and work out your next steps.

Deep Into Dating

As you continue to meet and spend time with your dating partner, you may reach a point of comfort and familiarity where you feel you understand the dynamics of your relationship. However, there might be a sense of uncertainty about moving forward despite lacking a clear reason to end things. You could find yourself grappling with deeper personal issues, either within yourself or in relation to the person you’re dating, which hinders the natural progression of your relationship.

Unlike other relationships in your life, dating carries a unique set of challenges due to its inherently tentative nature. The usual methods of resolving conflicts may not apply here, as the foundation of your connection is not yet firmly established.

With my extensive background as a shidduch coach, I am equipped to assist you in navigating these complexities and overcoming the obstacles they pose, aiming to help you find a resolution that brings you happiness.

Together, we will identify and address any potential red flags that might arise, providing strategies to manage them effectively.

Moreover, if your relationship is flourishing and all signs are positive, I will offer insights into how to discern whether your partner truly is ‘the one’ for a long-term commitment.

Mazel Tov!

He asked and you said YES!

Emotions are running high, of course, they are, you’re a kallah!

I’ll help you navigate the engagement highs and stressful lows, give guidelines for engagement do’s and don’ts, and do my bit to ensure you reach the chuppa b’simcha, sans the nerves.

You’ll be offered additional kallah classes with me where we’ll dive into the halachos and hashkafos that will build the very foundations of your future home.

Shidduch Dating Coach For Parents

You’ve spent years guiding your child through everything in their life so far, and now they’re preparing to leave the nest. Are they prepared for dating? Are you?

Shidduch coaching can:


Yes. I work with singles who have been previously married.

Yes, I teach skills that are universal so I work with all backgrounds

Yes, for my dating coaching, I work with both men and women.

All coaching sessions take place in my Brooklyn-based location or over Zoom if preferred.

Of course, you can book a complimentary 15-minute discovery call where you’ll hear my fees and the different packages I offer.

Feel Supported Through Every Step With a Shidduch Dating Coach

Whether you’re dating for the first time, or the second, straight from seminary or at a senior stage of life, join the countless women who have been coached by Miriam and taste the beauty of a clarified, supported, and smooth dating journey with a shidduch dating coach by your side.

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