Jewish Marriage and Relationship Coaching


It’s hard to go through bumps in our relationships, and it’s even harder to reach out for help.

Welcome, you’ve come to the right address.

You know that marital relationships are worth investing in.

Whether you’ve turned up to navigate your newly emptied nest, or you’re stuck with intimacy issues during shana rishona, you’re never too old or young to improve your marriage and enjoy the wonders of a loving and intimate relationship.


The Power of Relationship Coaching

Marriage and relationship coaching with a trained, experienced, and supportive coach can help you make the transition from an empty and unfulfilling connection to an invigorating and satisfying relationship.

As you lay new foundations and repair the cracks of old, you’ll develop relationship skills to help your marriage thrive. And you can’t rely on just any marriage, relationship, and intimacy coach to help you get there.

I’m Miriam Zeitlin.

With 25 years of marriage in my pocket, 6 certifications, and a wealth of frum coaching experience, you can be sure that relationship coaching with me will leave you with:

Will coaching work for you?

What Can You Expect From a Frum Relationship Coach?

bride and groom

You want to feel more: 

Loved. Seen. Supported. 

Who doesn’t?

You’ve read the top Jewish marriage books and even implemented their advice, but now you need the personal touch. 

While you may have learned how to decorate cupcakes with buttercream, you may not have learned how to relate to your spouse with love and tackle hurdles together. That’s normal, because most skills need to be taught. 

We’ll pinpoint the existing issue in your relationship and learn the tools to give your spouse the love they deserve and gain it back too. 

Why Choose Miriam as Your Relationship Coach?

As somebody passionate about seeing couples thrive, and who understands the nuances, values, and expectations within the frum community, I respect my clients who leave their comfort zone, let down their guard, and put their trust in me. I don’t take that for granted.

And in return, I do my utmost to provide each of my coaching clients with:

A selection of modalities and approaches:

Allowing clients a flexible, adaptable approach tailored to their specific needs and dynamics.

Confidentiality and Trust:

 I emphasize a strong commitment to confidentiality and creating a safe space for clients to open up.


Available for support between sessions, ensuring clients have guidance whenever they need it.

Flexible Scheduling:

I offer adaptable appointment times, including evenings and Sundays, to fit into different lifestyles and schedules.

Intimacy Coaching

Intimacy coaching with Miriam will cover:

Miriam Zeitlin_Icons-06

How to have open and honest communication with your husband

Miriam Zeitlin_Icons-07

How to convey your needs, desires, and boundaries.

Miriam Zeitlin_Icons-08

How to have pleasure during intimacy - and what may be blocking you from this.

Miriam Zeitlin_Icons-09

How to handle differences in libido.

Miriam Zeitlin_Icons-10

How to adjust to changes in your intimate relationship after the birth of a child.

Miriam Zeitlin_Icons-11

An in-depth review of the halachos of Taharas Hamishpacha.


I work with couples in all stages of their relationships.

Each coaching session lasts 45 minutes. How many sessions you will need will depend on your progress.

All coaching sessions take place in my Brooklyn-based location or over Zoom if preferred.

Of course, you can book a free introductory call with me to see if we’ll be a suitable match for relationship, intimacy, or marriage coaching.

Great question. A therapist works on issues from the past and a coach focuses on current goals. As a certified coach, I bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and understanding to the table As a coach, I work on your specific goals and challenges and offer skills to solve them.

Take Charge of Your Relationship with a Frum Relationship Coach

Join the countless women who have been coached by Miriam and taste the beauty of a loving, peaceful, and intimate relationship with your husband.