Miriam Zeitlin gives Chizuk in Shidduchim

Chizuk in Shidduchim: A Lesson From Elephants & Dogs

Who doesn’t love a good story, especially one that involves adorable animals and a lesson that offers chizuk in Shidduchim? This is the tale of the elephant and the dog, both of whom found themselves expecting simultaneously. It’s a story with a lesson for anyone who is hoping to meet their bashert soon.

A Tale of Two Pregnancies

Once upon a time, in a land where animals could talk, an elephant and a dog discovered they were expecting at the same time. Two and a half months later, the dog gave birth to a litter of six puppies. Within six months, she was back in the maternity ward, delivering another six puppies. This pattern continued, with the dog becoming a regular at the local puppy preschool.

On the 18th month, the dog, now somewhat puzzled and curious, shuffled over to the elephant and asked, “Are you sure you’re pregnant? I’ve been a mom three times over, and you’re still just standing there, looking pregnant. What gives?”

The elephant, wise and serene (and yes, still pregnant), responded, “My dear friend when I give birth, it’s not just another day at the park. When my baby arrives, the earth shakes with joy. When my baby crosses the road, humans stop and gawk in awe. My baby takes time because it will be a showstopper.”

The Dating Race

Dating can sometimes feel like a race, especially when everyone around you is meeting their match in no time. You’re having a hard time in Shidduchim, and like our prolific puppy-producing dog, friends might find their bashert faster than you. They might even turn back and offer you Shidduch dating advice. But here’s where the elephant’s story takes on a deeper meaning.

Emunah in Shidduchim

This isn’t just about waiting; it’s about trusting in Hashem’s perfect timing. Just as the elephant’s journey to motherhood was longer but resulted in a remarkable, show-stopping baby, your dating journey is unique and divinely orchestrated. While it might seem like nothing is happening on the surface, and you’re seeking chizuk for shidduchim, Hashem is preparing something extraordinary for you.

Think about it: the dog had lots of puppies quickly, but the elephant’s baby was a marvel that left everyone in awe. In the same way, your match, the one Hashem is preparing for you, is something  unique and tailored to your needs. It’s not just about being in any relationship; it’s about being in the right one, the one that Hashem has hand picked just for you.

Divine Timing

There’s an incredible peace that comes with having Emunah in Shidduchim and trusting in Hashem’s plan. The elephant wasn’t in a rush because she knew that her baby would be magnificent when the time came. Similarly, your dating process might take longer, and it might be challenging with many hard times in Shidduchim, but the end result will be worth every moment. You’ll find yourself looking back on your best and worst times in Shidduchim with wonder.

Remember, Hashem’s timing is unique for everyone. Chizuk in Shidduchim can be found by recognizing that just because others might meet their bashert sooner doesn’t mean your journey is any less significant. Hashem knows exactly what He’s doing, and your perfect match is being prepared in the most beautiful way. When you question the pace of your dating journey, think of our elephant and dog friends. Great things take time, and the best matches are no exception.

Chizuk in Shidduchim

The best things in life are worth waiting for

Embrace your journey, no matter what stage of life you’re in. When anticipating any of life’s many milestones, remember the wisdom of the elephant. Keep your faith strong, stay hopeful, and trust that Hashem is leading you to something truly amazing.

The elephant’s baby was worth the wait, and so is every blessing that’s meant for you. Enjoy the process, laugh at the little bumps along the way, and look forward to the magnificent story that Hashem is writing just for you. After all, the best things in life are worth waiting for, and your blessings are no exception. This isn’t just chizuk in Shudduchim and a lesson in patience for dating, but a lesson in patience for life. Trust in Hashem’s plan, focus on the wonderful life you’re living now, and know that your unique path is unfolding just as it should.

Great Things Take Time

If you or someone you know are having a hard time in Shidduchim and could use a mentor or professional Shidduch dating coach, contact Miriam Zeitlin. With years of hands-on experience, Miriam works with you and helps you to find your bashert and build the home you always dreamed of.

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